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Horror films nowadays have countless branches: slashers, splatters, found footage, etc. Still they all have one common root. One that started exactly a hundred years ago and has been left behind to die…but much like a certain monster that helped turn this genre into a household name, German Expressionism is coming back from the grave.

We present to you: JOHAN, a new take on an old format and on film production.



Like films of the era, it was shot in black and white with high contrast atmospheric lighting, but unlike them, the break between film and reality is achieved through framing and a narrative use of colour.

The locations at San Potito Sannitico as well as the Canary Islands, offer to the film the perfect aesthetics for this original story. Providing a very unique mix of antique and modern elements that makes it feel anachronistic and otherworldly.

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FATE LAB & San Potito Sannitico (CE, Italy)

 FATE LAB is a local non-profit organisation that works together with the council of San Potito Sannitico to promote the territory and cultural exchange through film laboratories and artistic residences.

After winning a short-film competition, the organisation offered to host our production providing us with access to the village and its locations. 



Canary Islands (Spain)

The final stage of the production took place in the Canary Islands. Where the natural beauty of the place framed the dream sequences of the film as well as its dramatic ending. With the support of our local partners we shot along the black sands of Tenerife and the white sands of Las Palmas.



We are an international crew of filmmakers coming together from around the world for the love of independent cinema.

Sponsor by Bournemouth University and its student union, we were able to bring most of the crew and equipment on a 1200 miles road trip from Bournemouth (UK) to San Potito Sannitico (Italy), drastically reducing costs as well as our carbon footprint. At the same time, the director fled from his home in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the lead actor made his trip from Tenerife (Spain).



To ensure the success of our production in Canary Islands we have partnered up with local companies and organizations such as CoFilming, Arteria Films, Instituto de Cine Canarias (ICC), Ad Maiora and the Institute César Manrique.

In addition, we are lucky to have the talents of  Norberto Trujillo and José Luis De Madariaga (both based in Tenerife) to support our project in the islands, together with an amazing crew of professionals.